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CliniMed's "Freedom To Be" project shares how flushable pouches are changing people’s lives in the UK.

Get to know three ostomates using Aura Flushable and find out how this innovative colostomy pouch works.
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Coming to terms with having an ostomy can be difficult for some people who say they feel a loss of confidence and freedom after surgery. For many, finding the right pouching system can help them live how they want to—even starting a new chapter in their lives.

Aura Flushable is the latest range of flushable colostomy pouches by CliniMed® that combines the latest flushable technology with medical grade Manuka honey. Aura Flushable and Freestyle Vie Flushable (without Manuka) are the only two lines of flushable colostomy pouches available in the United Kingdom.

How it works: Aura Flushable is made of two inner parts which are contained within a soft outer cover. The liner and flange both contain biodegradable materials which can be flushed together or separately. The inclusion of medical grade Manuka honey in the Hyperflex® hydrocolloid flange may help promote healthy skin around the stoma. 

Aura Flushable    

Aura Flushable    

Earlier this year, CliniMed® launched the Freedom To Be project to share stories of people who have been using Aura Flushable products. Here's what three colostomates said when asked, “What does using flushable colostomy pouches mean to you?”

Denise says, "It’s like having a new life."

Denise lives in the West Midlands and since using the Aura Flushable for the past 10 years, she is now able to enjoy the freedom to do what she loves most. Denise definitely doesn’t let her colostomy stop her living the life she chooses and believes in a can-do attitude and making the most of life.   

Trevor says, "It’s just so much more normal."

Trevor was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2004 which resulted in colostomy surgery. He's a keen sailor who spends part of each year travelling on his boat, enjoying the warmer weather of Northern Spain. Trevor is a former trustee of the Colostomy UK and is keen to help other colostomates find a sense of freedom and confidence by using Aura Flushable colostomy pouches.

Vicki says, "I just wish more people knew about them."

Vicki discovered Aura Flushable through an ad in the Colostomy Association’s Tidings magazine. As a former flight attendant married to a former pilot, Vicki still loves to travel and see the world. At first she found it very difficult adjusting to life with a colostomy, but since using Aura Flushable colostomy pouches she hasn’t looked back.

Do you have questions about Aura Flushable? CliniMed® has a list of frequently asked questions and to try a free sample click here or call 0808 159 4327 in the UK. To read more stories from the "Freedom To Be" project, visit

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