ConvaTec announces the global launch of Esteem™+ Flex Convex one-piece ostomy system.

Flexible convexity moves with the wearer, for a comfortable, secure fit for people with colostomies, ileostomies and urostomies.
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ConvaTec, a leading global medical technology company, announced the global launch of the Esteem™+ Flex Convex one-piece system for people with colostomies, ileostomies and urostomies.

The global rollout follows the launch of the one-piece flex convex products in Japan, Italy, and the Netherlands in 2016. Completing the company’s significant program of new product launches for ostomy care, the addition of the one-piece products provides a full and competitive product portfolio to meet the needs of every ostomy consumer.

The Esteem™+ Flex Convex system is the latest addition to ConvaTec’s range of one-piece ostomy solutions.

The 1-piece system combines the comfort and freedom of flexibility with the firmness of convexity. The system fits the contours of the body, moving with the wearer and helping to give people with a stoma the confidence to live life the way they want. The flexible convex wafer is designed to be easy to position on the body and comfortable to wear, moving with the body in any position – standing, sitting, or sleeping. The hydrocolloid wafer, designed for skin health and security, is made to stay firmly in place, helping to minimize leakage and also features a tapered edge to help minimize lifting at the edges and snagging on clothing.

“The Esteem™+ Flex Convex system provides people with a stoma with a firm yet flexible one-piece solution that fits the body comfortably and securely,” said Erik Zimmer, Vice President and General Manager, Ostomy Care. “ConvaTec is committed to continually launching products and solutions that inspire people with ostomies to live the life they want. This includes our one-piece ostomy systems and our me+™ direct-to-consumer program and other services. Our consumer-focused programs are dedicated to helping each person become more than their ostomy.”

The Esteem™+ Flex Convex system is available in a choice of closed, drainable and urostomy pouches. The system offers three convexity skin barrier sizes (widths: 50, 40 and 30 mm) to accommodate a range of stomas, allowing users to pick the width that best suits their needs, whether they need it around the stoma to aid protrusion or broader convexity to flatten out skin creases or folds.

Esteem™+ Flex Convex system by ConvaTec

Esteem™+ Flex Convex 1-piece System

Features And Benefits Of The Esteem™+ Flex Convex System

  • Moves with you – flexible convexity fits to body contours for comfort and easy positioning
  • Designed for skin health and security – hydrocolloid skin barrier is made to stay firmly in place, helping to minimize leakage. Soft tapered edges also help resist snagging on clothing
  • Comfort and discretion – soft quiet fabric
  • Trust and reassurance – filter on closed pouch helps minimize odors and ballooning
  • Peace of mind – split-fabric, easy-view window for accurate positioning and observation of the stoma and output

For more information about the Esteem™+ Flex Convex system or to request a sample, visit or call 1-800-422-8811.

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