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Enjoy this hysterical video by Emily Jones about life with an ostomy bag.

Everyone needs a sarcastic friend.
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People with (and without) ostomies are loving this hysterical video from BBC Sesh. Emily Jones from Wales talks about life, love, and sex when you have an ostomy bag. "Own it and rock it," she says.

Bravo Emily... very funny too. — Shell Lawes

OMG I love her. Yes girl you’re rocking that bag. Coming from someone with Crohn’s myself and having a bag too, I love this video. Well done for making this, I’m proud of my bag and it’s given me my life back. — Lisa Cummins

You are amazing and someone we need as an advocate for ostomies (if you don’t laugh then you would cry) well done for a very informative yet humours way of raising much needed awareness. — Charlotte Emily

Howling. Emily you have made this Welsh ostomate super happy. — Danielle McCormack

You literally made me laugh out loud you're so funny well done on the video! — Fran Rowe-Weller

Emily had ileostomy surgery in 2010 because of Crohn's disease. She owns Leaf and Bean Vintage Beverage Company in Carmarthen and has a blog called Intestines Not Included and Instagram page with the same name.

Hope this video gives you a little bit of a laugh today!