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Four books on thriving after ostomy surgery to put on your reading list

Grab your water and claim the best pool chair — it's time to get reading!

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You've got the pouch cover. You've got the swimsuit. You've even got a custom support belt to go with it. But what books will you be bringing to the beach this summer? Here's four from our reading list that might be just what you're looking for.

Great Comebacks by Rolf Benirschkef 


Great Comebacks from Ostomy Surgery includes 15 people who have survived and thrived through illness. Each story shares personal experiences of how they dealt with challenging circumstances which led to having ostomy surgery.

Second Act by Barbara Barrie

Second Act

Throughout her life, Barbara Barrie insisted on privacy so few people in her business and personal life knew what she was going through. In Second Act, she bares her soul (and body) with considerable panache. Even the details of how she cares for her colostomy are told with frankness and good humor. 

Bag Lady: A Memoir by Sandra Benitez


This book is about loss, illness, and recovery, Bag Lady is the true story of Sandra Benitez and her struggles living with ulcerative colitis. She chronicles how coping with the disease wasn't easy and neither was making the decision to have an ileostomy for the rest of her life. 

Loo Rolls To Lycra by Caroline Bramwell

Loo Rolls to Lycra

Loo Rolls to Lycra: The Ironman Dreams of an IBD Sufferer is the inspirational and insightful autobiography of Caroline Bramwell, a wife and mother who believed her life was going "down the toilet" after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Instead of defeat, Caroline conquers Ironman to become #IronOstomy.

Enjoy the books, sunshine, and stay hydrated out there!