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One of the best ways to celebrate National Book Month is by opening a book you've never read before. Here are four inspiring books about ostomates who survived and thrived after being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Duct Tape Won't Stick To A Leaky Ostomy Bag

Duct Tape Won't Stick

David H. Brantley's first serious challenge came when his doctor told him it would be a miracle if he survived another six months with Crohn's disease. Thirty years later, another doctor told him that he'd need surgery to determine the severity of colorectal cancer. Through each diagnosis, he kept fighting and learned that living out one's dreams is not nearly as important as dreaming to live.

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Left Holding The Bag

Left Holding The Bag

Travel along with Kristin Furlong as she shares a very personal journey. From an unexpected diagnosis with ulcerative colitis to the decision to undergo lifesaving ileostomy surgery. She details each experience with honesty and humor, all while inspiring others that life does go on; an even better life if you allow that to be.

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Love, Light And Mermaid Tails

Love, Light and Mermaid Tails

In January 2016, at age 30, Fi Munro was diagnosed with non-genetic stage four ovarian cancer. In the months that followed, understanding her diagnosis, recovery, and regaining health became her full-time job. This book is a guide for anyone (not just cancer patients) who want to embrace a happier, healthier, more caring approach to their life.

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On Eagle's Wings

On Eagles Wings

Annie Stites lived life to the fullest despite having severe Crohn's disease. Throughout her life, she had 28 surgeries and her colon removed resulting in an ileostomy. Annie's story offers valuable lessons on how to tap into the power found in laughter, love, and faith.

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Use National Book Month to let your friends and family know about all the good read on our book club list. Tell them what you're reading and why, and encourage them to do the same!