Gillian Castle takes on a half-Ironman challenge to benefit The Birth Trauma Association

Years after having colostomy surgery because of pregnancy complications, Gillian wanted to give back.
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Gillian Castle from Alnwick in Northumberland, England is determined to tackle a half-Ironman to benefit charity after having colostomy surgery due to complications during her pregnancy. 

Gillian told Northumberland Gazette, “Sam was six weeks premature and the birth resulted in me suffering a permanent colostomy and other injuries that were finally resolved with extensive surgeries in 2011/12. I still suffer daily issues as a result of my injuries and experience and colostomy is my life partner."

Gillian is raising funds for The Birth Trauma Association, an organization that supports parents who've had traumatic birth experiences. 

She told the Northumberland Gazette, “The organisation raises awareness of this hidden subject and researches ways in which to reduce the risk of more women being injured in childbirth. I also want to prove that life can and will carry on after such life-changing injuries because I lost a lot of hope initially.” 

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