There's a whole bunch of incredible people doing really good things right now for ostomy awareness.

It's World Ostomy Day!

World Ostomy Day started in 1993 by Professor Dr. Gerhard Englert who, at that time, was President of the International Ostomy Association. This globally recognized day occurs every three years to raise public awareness of ostomies and improve the quality of life for people with a stoma.

On the first Saturday of October each year, United Ostomy Associations of America observes National Ostomy Awareness Day. So today people around the world are celebrating both!

Here are some of the awesome things happening in the world right now.

1. WA Ostomy Association connected at Town Hall.

With a time zone a day ahead of us, the very first celebration began in Australia. Western Australian Ostomy Association's event at North Perth Town Hall included entertainment, food, fun, and of course a bunch of amazing mates!

2... yes, two chats with the "World Ostomy Champion."

Gutless and Glamorous founder, Gaylyn Henderson, joined Crohn's and Colitis Foundation and United Ostomy Associations of America for Facebook live chats. After all, she's the "World Ostomy Champion" this year — congrats Gaylyn!

3. Care to take a stroll in Canada?

Ostomy Canada Society’s “Stoma Stroll” was held in Saskatoon and Kingston to support ostomy awareness. The Kingston Ostomy Support Group made the news on Global News Kingston!

4. The "Stoma Bus" drove around London.

All aboard ostomates! Get on the bus, the "Stoma Bus" that is. Three amazing charities had a great idea to drive around London, rain or shine. Way to go Colostomy UK, Urostomy Association and IA — looks like fun!

5. JBTV Music Television started a new campaign.

Jerry Bryant, the Emmy award-winning host and owner of the iconic music program JBTV was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. His journey through treatment and surgery inspired him to create programs that help raise cancer awareness.

6. Al-Qatif Central Hospital held their first event.

Enterostomal therapy (ET) nurse and Gastroenterologists in Eastern, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contributed to the success of this event.

7. Krystal Miller held a “give back” competition.

The lovely Bag Lady Mama had a surprise announcement on World Ostomy Day. It's a "give back" content! She's picking (at random) two people from Instagram and two from Facebook for a one-on-one call to share stories, ask questions and connect. Good luck to everyone who entered!

8. Run for Resilience Ostomy 5k races in nine cities.

Run for Resilience Ostomy 5k races were held in Durham, NC, E. Stroudsburg, PA, Mesa & Phoenix, AZ, Birmingham, AL, Harrison Township, MI, Nashville, TN, Pennsauken, NJ, and Portland, OR.

9. Amber Wallace made an awesome video.

In this video, Amber shared the responses to her survey about how much people know about ostomies... and the answers might surprise you! She also does an ostomy bag change on camera.

10. Speaking out really does change lives.

It's not just a slogan, "Speaking Out Changes Lives" really does make an impact. In fact, thousands spoke out this year about life-saving ostomy surgery on #WorldOstomyDay. It started with this kick-off video by UOAA!

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