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Take a look at how these passionate women are wearing the color of love

How ostomates wear red.

Red is a color associated with energy, strength, and the symbol of life. It's no wonder why ostomates wear it well. Take a look at these lovely women dressed in Cupid's signature shade.

1. Are you feeling hot, hot, hot?!

2. Always choose a shade of red that compliments your award.

3. Redheads *can* and *should* wear the color red.

4. Love red in a big and generous way.

5. That red matches your lipstick exactly.

6. We love our reds strong.

7. Ostomy tip: Beetroot red in. Beetroot red out.

8. Dress in red for the thrill of it.

9. Stop traffic red.

10. The art of color coordination.

11. How to wear red with flair.

12. Sport your team's color.

13. Cupid’s signature shade.

14. The color of love.

Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️

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