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Take a look at these ab-solutely inspiring ostomates on Instagram

They make us want to do crunches ASAP!
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Sometimes, we find it pretty gosh darn hard to get off our butts and get to the gym. So we salute all the toned guys and gals for spending tireless hours crunching away in order to hone their enviable abs. Ah, if only we had the time… and didn't like chocolate so much. 

Get ready for some serious ab envy.

If you had abs like London, you'd show off your pups too.

Definitely not the first time we’ve admired Miss Zoey.

You betcha Raina challenged her mind and body.

Is Robert the ultimate abs-spiration? His message is…

How many crunches do we have to do to look like that?

Umm... WOW! Yes, those are Dan Kelly’s real abs.

Midsection motivation!

No colon, still rollin’ those abs.

Gregor’s Instagram page is empowering!

Amber’s abs (and hair) are just unfair.

We reckon Alex looks ab-solutely great! 

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