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Intense Intestines Foundation Podcast Features Uncover Ostomy Founder

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Intense Intestines Foundations continuously strives to keep up with the needs of the IBD and ostomy communities. Their mission is to help patients by providing a supportive network, connecting through events, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

In January Brian Greenberg, founder of Intense Intestines Foundation announced the debut of his first podcast interview with Uncover Ostomy founder & spokesperson, Jessica Grossman.

Put a Voice With the Names You Know

Brian and Jessica discuss what life was like before and after ostomy surgery. Jessica also shares how the idea of Uncover Ostomy originated, her mission and the ongoing campaign for ostomy awareness.

Click HERE to listen to the interview and other ‘We Will Beat IBD’ podcast episodes.

Brian’s goal is to show patients and their families how to manage Inflammatory Bowel Disease in various ways. He hopes that the ‘We Will Beat IBD’ podcasts will help you live a better life!