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Kindred Box helped 22 ostomates who needed supplies last month

This is more than a box.

The generosity of many helped Kindred Box mail 22 packages last month to people across the country who cannot afford supplies. This simply could not happen without support from caring nurses, ostomates, and organizations who donate products.

Kindred Box gives people a new lease on life. With the gift of ostomy supplies they can leave the house, they can work, they can simply get back to living. More importantly, they can find a little joy knowing that someone cares. Here's what Christina Mullins had to say about receiving a package. “Perfect timing of delivery. My son was down to the last bag and we so needed these supplies for him. Thank you so much. One less stress to worry about.”

Zachary Mullins

Zachary Mullins

Her son Zachary is 20 years old and recently had ileostomy surgery because of Crohn’s disease. They’ve been using samples from manufacturers but when those ran out, they didn't have another option except paying out-of-pocket since their family lost insurance when Christina's husband was laid off for work. She needed help fast and thankfully found Kindred Box on Facebook. Now she can focus on taking care of Zachary’s health and recovery instead of worrying about his ostomy supplies.

Support the mission of Kindred Box by making a donation today.