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Colin Reynolds has been interested in photography for most of his life. Growing up he owned a variety of cameras and taught himself to take pictures. For the past five years he’s taken his natural talent more seriously and turned his passion into a business. In July, 2012 Colin moved into his first studio in Kendal, Cumbria to start Colin Reynolds Photography as a full-time career specializing in abstract and landscape images.

“My passion is for Fine Art Landscape and Abstract photography based around the sea, coast, mountains, rivers and lakes. Although I originally started working in colour, I have now moved to working predominantly in black and white.” – Colin Reynolds

In November, 2017 Colin had a proctosigmoidectomy (or Hartmann's procedure), a surgical resection of the rectosigmoid colon because of bowel obstruction. In Colin's case the obstruction was physical from sigmoid volvulus which occurs when the sigmoid colon twists. On his blog, he writes about living with a colostomy, mental health and why he sometimes struggles with life as an ostomate. Men don’t often talk about their ostomy or their troubles, but Colin is open because he knows that others can relate.

These photos display some of his best work caught on camera. The power of Colin’s pictures captured our attention and we’re proud to feature his work this month as our social media cover for March. He is a master black and white landscape photographer which is the artwork that captured our attention.

Connect with Colin Reynolds on Facebook and Instagram.

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