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11 tributes shared by ostomates on Instagram for Mother's Day

Some of the sweetest 'grams out there.

In this day and age, an Instagram post honoring your mom on Mother’s Day is almost better than those flowers you’re planning to pick up pre-brunch. Take a look at these sweet tributes from ostomates on Instagram for Mother’s Day.

1. Renee’s caption of her gorgeous mom says it all: “You are the strongest, most beautiful woman that I know...”

 2. Janie Kasse and her mom are totally adorable together doing some (pre) Mother’s Day shopping.

3. Krystal Millers’s Instagram page is full of shout outs to Arabella, Lukas, and “bag lady mamas.”

 4. First-time mom, Celina McWilliams and her baby girl, Upton Reign are too cute in this #firstmothersday picture.

5. Jordan Leah honored her mom, calling her, “my best friend and my pillar of support.”

6. How cute are Stephanie Jennings and her son in their Mommy & Me matching outfits?

7. Sara Gebert and her mom are BFF’s.

8. Maddy Savoy recognized her mother for being by her side in this touching post.

9. Alysha Warner’s Mother’s Day card is the best kind—handmade.

10. Jeremy Sawyer is grateful for his mother (and grandma to his kids) in this sweet message.

11. Kimberly's Mother’s Day post is a pretty throwback picture of her mom—always a classic tribute.