Alexander Pickering was taken to Royal London Children’s Hospital at one-day-old for an operation to create a colostomy.

His father tells Shropshire Star, “He does everything everyone else can do. Nothing can stop him."
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Starting school is always a big step for children and their parents. But for Alexander Pickering and his parents, it’s an especially momentous occasion. An hour after he was born, it was discovered that Alexander had an imperforate anus, a life-threatening condition that did not allow him to pass stool. So at one day old, he had surgery to create an ostomy. This would become the first of five major surgeries for the four-year-old.

During his time in the hospital, his parents stayed at the Stevenson House, a “Home from Home” supported by the Sick Children’s Trust. This meant they “never felt too far away” despite living 70 miles from the hospital. Today, Alexander has an ACE stoma that allows him to live without an ostomy bag. He’s eager to start school and be a “big boy” like his brothers. But with all he’s been through, they might be looking up to him.

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