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Nothing beats a great vacation read. Ostomy supplies? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Four books, because we couldn't choose just one? Check.

These amazing ostomates are all authors with published books of their own.

1. The Ostomy Life

by Dave Matthew Jordan

37 pages

The Ostomy Life

Available on in paperback and Kindle.

Dave Matthew Jordan received ostomy surgery when he was three weeks old. He has learned a lot about himself and ostomies along the way. The Ostomy Life is an easy-to-understand guide to living with an ostomy and taking care of it. Topics include playing sports, traveling, eating habits, exercise, intimacy, and much more. The Ostomy Life also covers basic care techniques, what to expect after surgery, raising a child who has an ostomy, how to buy supplies, and what to say to friends and significant others when it comes time to tell them you have an ostomy. Available in Paperback and on Kindle.

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2. Duct Tape Won't Stick To A Leaky Ostomy Bag

by David H. Brantley

166 pages

David H. Brantley's first serious challenge came when his doctor told him it would be a miracle if he survived another six months. Crohn's disease was taking a toll on his system. 30 years later, another doctor told him that he'd have to open him up for surgery to determine the severity of his colorectal cancer. In this inspiring account about fighting Crohn's and cancer, David looks back at the big dreams he had growing up, including becoming a successful actor and writer-and celebrates what he actually became best at beating the odds. If you're struggling to overcome an obstacle that seems impossible, you'll be inspired to keep fighting by reading lessons he's learned in Duct Tape Won't Stick to a Leaky Ostomy Bag. Available in Paperback, Hard Copy and on Kindle.

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3. Health The Way Nature Intended

by Leanne D. Chan

Health the Way Nature Intended was written for Darren Pedersen who knows firsthand what it is like to lose his health. Darren underwent radiation, chemotherapy and had two major surgeries to remove his colon and lymph nodes. Lost in the tunnel of cancer treatment with no guide, and an overwhelming myriad of choices to make, Darren found his own balance between treatments, diets, lifestyle, and mindset. Eating well with a stoma is a whole new world. What to buy? What to cook? Your step-by-step guide is here.

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4. It's Okay To Have An Ostomy

by Ann Favreau

46 pages

In this book, Ann Favreau informs and inspires by sharing prose and poetry about her ostomy journey. Her message of transformation from cancer to caring resonates with hope and encouragement as she relates her touching experiences that emphasize, "It's Okay to Have an Ostomy." Ann is a retired educator who underwent colostomy surgery in 1988. She was President of the Ostomy Association of Greater Springfield in Massachusetts and then went on to hold offices at the United Ostomy Association, serving as President from 2000-2002. Ann is the current President of Friends of Ostomates Worldwide USA.

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