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Looking for an excuse to indulge a little? You can today because it happens to be #EatWhatYouWantDay.

We found 11 ostomates on Instagram who eat whatever makes them happy. Enjoy!

1. When ice cream is the mission, you don’t give up.

2. Mic’s post-surgery food challenge.

3. Sara’s current motto: “I could get used to this 'eating without any pain' thing!”

4. Eat, drink and be merry. Fyi, it’s Karin’s birthday today!

5. Fun fact about Thomas.

6. Yassss!!!

7. Take a doctor’s advice on things to do in Chile.

8. It does exist.

9. Sadie’s food is medicine.

10. Enjoy the “happiest place on earth” Kelsey! 

11. The perfect celebratory dessert.

National Eat What You Want Day was introduced by American film and voice actor Thomas Roy and his wife Ruth. Together they've created over 70 funny holidays.

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