Because let's be honest, your pet is the best pet out there (and ours is too).

Pet lovers everywhere celebrate National Love Your Pet Day on February 20, a fun holiday to recognize the special relationship we have with our pets. It’s the perfect day to give extra attention and pamper our (always there for you) companions. 

We found 14 ostomates on Instagram who love their pets more than anything!

1. On good days and bad, you can always count on the love of your pet.

2. Eric loves this little furball and all of his rescued animals — we aren't kitten!

3. Every day with your dog is a new adventure and they are probably more excited about it than you.

4. Sinead’s Staffie loves snuggles… and taking selfies.

5. They will always welcome you home with their endless love.

6. Let's face it, there's a reason they say dogs are human's best friend.

7. Pets make the holiday’s extra special.

8. Shell never has to worry about a cuddle buddy.

9. Kimberly knows that dogs are some of the happiest creatures on earth.

10. Even when they’re photobombing, you can’t help but love them.

11. Nothing feels better than adopting a pet.

12. Jodie keeps her look purr-fectly snappy.

13. They always seem to know when you're feeling blue.

14. Pets are forever friends with infinite benefits.

When you come home to a purr or wagging tail, the sudden wave of calm you feel isn't just your imagination. Pets really do impact our lives in a positive way every single day.