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More people than we like to think about move through this world without enough support. But helping someone through tough times – such as illness, a job loss, coping with grief, or not having enough ostomy supplies – doesn’t have to be complicated. Every small action counts.

These random acts of kindness shared by OC readers are a great example of what happens when we do good things together.

Getting someone through one day does help.

“When I came across Kindred Box and read about ostomates in the U.S. who couldn’t afford supplies, I could relate. I’m on a share insurance plan that doesn’t pay for my ostomy supplies and the cost can reach $300 a month. I’m still paying off bills from cancer treatment, so this is an added expense that’s really hard to deal with. Some people think that just because someone can’t afford supplies, they should just take what’s given but I know firsthand that not all brands work. I donate to Kindred Box so ostomates can get the products they need. Getting someone through one day does help.”

Annette French-Bearden lives in Texas and has an ileostomy because of colorectal cancer.

I feel very fortunate having extra supplies to give.

“I can’t imagine not having the products I need to live with my ostomy. I feel very fortunate having extra supplies to give to Kindred Box so that people who are struggling can receive some help.” 

Michael Campbell lives in Georgia and has an ileostomy because of FAP and rectal cancer.

Ostomy supplies are some of the best gifts I’ve ever given.

“When I worked at Children’s Medical Center, we had a patient with an ostomy who had no insurance coverage. Myself, her gastroenterologist, and his nurse all chipped in to buy her a box of pouches and a bottle of stoma powder. We wrapped it up like a Christmas present. Ostomy supplies are some of the best gifts I’ve ever given. I wish her doctor was with me to see her face and the tears in her eyes when she opened it up.”

Gwen Spector, RN works at Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Medical City Hospital in Texas.

Kindness brings people together so they don’t feel alone.

“Waking up from emergency bowel surgery with a colostomy was a very sad and frightening day for me but I got used to it eventually. I was blessed to have a successful reversal surgery six months later and lucky that my health insurance covered the cost of most supplies. Ostomy supplies should be a basic right. I donate to Kindred Box because it's a great cause that brings people together, so they don’t feel lonely and isolated.”

Airdrie Miller lives in Canada and had a temporary colostomy due to a surgical error during a hysterectomy that left her with an infected colon.

I felt compelled to do something.

“Like many others around the world, I was devastated by the tragic suicide of Seven Bridges. At that moment, I felt compelled to do something in honour of his young life, so my mum and I donated to Kindred Box in memory of Seven and sent condolences to the family. His death has touched the world and made us feel more love and compassion for each other.”

Suzanne Doré lives in England and has a colostomy because of bowel cancer.

Donating is my way of paying it forward.

“I started Blessing Bags because I wanted to help people who need ostomy supplies. I can relate to the struggle because I am an ostomate too. I truly feel we can accomplish more when there are many charities to choose from. Each group is working hard in their own way to help as many ostomates as possible. I've received so much encouragement with Ostomy Diaries, so donating to Kindred Box is my way of paying it forward.”

Amber Wallace lives in Tennessee and has an ileostomy because of Crohn’s disease.

Every day should be Random Acts of Kindness Day, but today is the official date. No doubt, helping others not only uplifts their spirits but makes you feel good, too. Support ostomates who need supplies. Donate to Kindred Box.