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These standup comics will have you laughing so hard you’ll pee your bag

Falalalala and buahahahaha!

Laugh at everything and nothing will seem so bad. Don't believe us? Just ask these four ostomates.

Coral Best

Coral Best comedian

Many of Coral’s jokes surround her life as a young, broke, female adjusting to living with an ostomy. She performs in comedy clubs all over the SF Bay area and says that talking about her ostomy on stage has helped with acceptance. “It gives my comedy more purpose to know I’m doing my part to reach out to the audience and share that we are all going through some type of invisible struggle.” Don't miss Coral live at The Punch Line Sacramento on Sunday, January 27, 2019.

Daniel G Garza

Daniel G Garza

Daniel took comedy classes at Cool Beans Comedy and made his standup debut at The Ice House Comedy Club in October. He's survived coming out as a teenager, alcoholism, drug addiction, AIDS, anal cancer, sexual abuse, and colostomy surgery. If you can overcome those inner obstacles with comedy, then you have something many people do not: a set. "My colorectal doctor. Mean girls of church. Dating a Latino.” Daniel is funny all the way through it.

Claire Webber

Claire is a professional stand-up comic and artist in Seattle, Washington. In her latest one-woman show titled "That Nasty Body," she talks about the ins and outs of living with an ileostomy and chronic illness — answering many invasive questions. “My surgeon asked if a student could watch my upcoming procedure. I just want him to think my insides are pretty and propose.” She’s one of our most favorite comedians.

Joe Teeters

Joe Teeters

Joe had ileostomy surgery because of Crohn's disease on December 27, 2012. He is an amazing performer and if you haven't seen him do improv, we think you should remedy that asap. You can see Joe at 'Tuesday Night Improv' and The Nest Theatre with Jonathan DeMuth (their act is known as DeMuth and Teeters) in Columbus, Ohio. "We should have named ourselves Kismet.” Two veteran improvisers who deserve a sitcom!

We hope your holiday is filled with joy and laughter!