Twitterquette, shmitterquette.

If you’ve been biting your tongue about your ostomy this whole time, you now have full permission to let your foul tweets rip. In fact, there's a reason not to feel bad about going uncensored. Science says people who swear are actually more confident than those who don't, and besides, Twitter is a sweary place anyways.

1. Sheesh.

2. Dang, girl!

3. Word to yo stoma.

4. What the heck?

5. Oh no he didn't.

6. That's a new one.

7. The Coral we know.

8. Done did it again.

9. We're pondering...

10. Well, darn it!

11. Eff yeah you do!

12. Zero F's given.

13. What she said.

One year ago, Bag Lady Mama opened up about mental health and why she loves using the F-word. A darn good read!

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