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Share some smiles (and ostomy awareness) with everyone that comes to your door this Halloween. If you're seeking inspiration — or just a dose of pumpkin envy — look no further. These ost-o'-lanterns are so much better than the standard grinning face.

If you'd rather laugh than be scared.

“Here’s my pumpkin, bag and all. I got an ileostomy by emergency surgery July 1st of this year. I’m adjusting well, although I still have my days. I figured everyone could use a little laugh, I know I sure did.” – Jennifer Wurmlinger‎

Jennifer Wurmlinger‎ (2)

Jennifer had ileostomy surgery on July 1, 2017 because of ulcerative colitis and developing mega colon. 

This pumpkin has an announcement to make.

"This year I went with an Ostomy Pumpkin since I'm about to say "peace out" to very own ostomy next month." – Caitlin Farlow 

Caitlin has a temporary ileostomy due to Crohn's disease.

If you want to win the neighborhood contest for most creative pumpkin, here's the way to do it.

“Pretty proud of this.” – Alley Jean

Alley Jean

Alley had J-pouch surgery due to severe ulcerative colitis. When that failed, an ileostomy was created on October 26, 2016, so she just had her one year stomaversary!

Don’t scare me, I poop easily. 

“Found my pumpkin carving idea for this year!!!” – Jennifer Trosclair

Jennifer Martino Trosclair

Turn a basic pumpkin into an ostomate pumpkin.

"Of course I had to make an ostomy pumpkin." – Wieke Kotten 

Wieke has an ileostomy due to Crohn's disease and lives in the Netherlands. 

Your pumpkin needs to stand out from the pack.

“Just a little pumpkin carving with friends in the nursing building at Elmhurst College!” – Nicole Alexis

Nicole Alexis (2)

Nicole has an ileostomy and feeding tube due to Gastroparesis. She's a nursing student at Elmhurst College.

Ready to decorate ostomy pumpkins with your kids?  

“Carved a couple pumpkins with my little Miss. Can't leave out the #NoColonStillRollin pumpkin with an ostomy, ha-ha. Braylin thought it was sooo funny putting the guts inside the pouch. Blessed beyond words, these are the moments and memories I fought for.” – Arianna Valiant

Arianna Valiant

A throwback to Halloween 2015!

Filled to the brim, because that’s how some ostomates roll. Corn never digests.

Let the big red one speak for itself.

Stoma pumpkin and ostomy pumpkin.

Miranda Sellers (2)

Stay safe and have fun if you're celebrating Halloween today.

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