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THE WRAP: CCA Clinical Trial Finder, Pay It Forward Day & Volunteer Week

Discover what's happening in the ostomy community
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Each week on The Wrap we’ll skim the interwebs for the latest news and headlines. It’s a chance to get inspired, discover what’s happening and stay connected to the ostomy community. Check out these top stories of the week, including this thought for today:

"If I've helped just one person on their ostomy journey, I’m satisfied. I’ve made something of my life and at last, there’s meaning." – Jo Phillips, Vlogostomy

Here’s your chance: help FOW-USA during National Volunteer Week!

National Volunteer Week (April 23-29) is the perfect opportunity to support causes in the ostomy community. Friends of Ostomates Worldwide-USA is looking for a few Board of Directors volunteers. Founded in 1986, FOW-USA is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization providing ostomy supplies and educational materials to ostomates in need around the world. Find out how you can help make a difference by visiting

Feature image courtesy of Friends of Ostomates Worldwide-USA.

The Colon Cancer Alliance needs your help to end this disease within our lifetime.

The Colon Cancer Alliance announced a new Clinical Trial Finder feature on their website. Clinical trials are the first point of testing new treatments in humans and the last point of testing treatments prior to FDA approval or disapproval. Start searching on

Dealing With An Ostomy: “Until this stoppage, the productivity of the stoma had revolted me.”

Six days after a lumpectomy procedure, Susan Gubar was rushed to the ER with a possible obstruction. In this article she wrote honestly about her struggles dealing with an ileostomy since 2009 due to an operation for ovarian cancer which had produced infections. It appears that this experience changed her in ways that she didn't even expect. Read more on The New York Times.

Loop Ileostomy With Lavage Appears Effective For C. Diff Disease

Surgeons presenting at the 2017 Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma Annual Scientific Assembly say that a loop ileostomy with colonic lavage could be a solution for patients with Clostridium difficile–associated disease (CDAD). A new study suggests a loop ileostomy may help patients avoid a total colectomy. Paula Ferrada, MD hopes the study will encourage health care providers to seek a surgical consult earlier when a patient has CDAD, which could give patients two surgical options. Read more on General Surgery News.

The global ileostomy market is expected to reach $1.65US *billion* by 2024, whoa.

Government initiatives and stigma-eradicating campaigns like World Ostomy Day are helping to boost awareness, however technical breakthroughs are making products more accessible to enable growth, says Transparency Market Research. “By end user, hospitals will exhibit the highest demand for ileostomy, thus emerging dominant in the market. The hospital segments constituted nearly 55.2% of the overall market in 2015.” Read more on PRNewswire.

What random act of kindness will you do for someone with an ostomy on 'Pay It Forward Day'?

Pay It Forward Day is celebrated on April 28th each year. We should all embrace the power of giving to make a positive difference in the world. We came up with eight ways you can help people in the ostomy community. There are lots of kind gestures and ways to show ostomates they're not alone.

What do trees and WOC Nurses have in common? They keep on giving.

Today is National Arbor Day! We depend on trees for oxygen as much as they depend on us for carbon dioxide. Help plant, nurture and celebrate the importance of trees! Find out about events in your area on

ICYMI: Here are 10 amazing things WOC Nurses have done for the ostomy community.

Celebrating Stoma Anniversaries

We found two ostomates celebrating their "Stomaversary" this week!

That’s a wrap!