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BIG congratulations to these lovely ostomates who got married this year

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They set the dates, booked the reception halls, planned every detail, picked out their dresses and walked down the aisle to tie the knot with their best friend… it’s their wedding day! Big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to these lovely ostomates who got married this year.

Shantil Kindig-Hughes

Shantil and Nick were married on May 14th.

How they met: “Nick and I worked together. He started a week before me. The moment I saw him I knew he was meant for me.”

Most memorable moment: “Walking down the aisle to him. It was like no one else was there. Just him, me and the music playing. Best moment of my life.”

Shantil had ileostomy surgery in March 2014 because of Crohn's disease.

Shantil and Nick Hughes

Shantil and Nick Hughes

Allyson Auge

Allyson and Carl were married on August 13th.

How they met: “We met at our local casino where we both worked at the time.”

Most memorable moment: “While cleaning up a big storm passed over and made the sky a very pretty color and a double rainbow appeared!”

Allyson had ileostomy surgery in October 2013 due to severe Crohn's disease.

Allyson and Carl Auge

Allyson and Carl Auge

Jessica Grossman

Jessica and Matt were married on August 27th.

How they met: "We met in Jamaica. I was at a resort for a friend's wedding and he was at the same resort during the same week for his friend's wedding (different friend) and we hung out and the rest is history!"

Most memorable moment: “Saying I do while looking in his eyes.”

Jessica had permanent ileostomy surgery in January 2003 due to Crohn's disease. She is the founder of UncoverOstomy.

Photographed by Eclipse Photography

Photographed by Eclipse Photography

Lindsey Brooke Nesbitt

Lindsey and Matthew were married on October 8th.

How they met: “Online but our first time meeting was at my favorite Asian restaurant.”

Most memorable moment: “The moment I got to him down the aisle, all the stress went away and nothing mattered.”

Lindsey had ileostomy surgery in October 2015 due to ulcerative colitis.

Photographed by PlayOnLight Photography

Photographed by PlayOnLight Photography

Stephanie Horgan

Stephanie and Matt were married on October 15th.

How they met: “I met Matt online and later learned we had friends in common, went to the same gym, and may have met before but never knew it!”

Most memorable moment: “My nephew, the ring bearer, made a run for the hills as we were saying our vows. It was adorable and hilarious, and made everyone laugh.”

Stephanie had ileostomy surgery in 2012 due to Crohn's disease. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Oak Park Behavioral Medicine.

Stephanie and Matt

Photographed by Dev Photography

We wish all of you a lifetime filled with joy, happiness, and beautiful memories. And in case you wanted some newlywed advice from us, here are five rules for a successful marriage:

#1. Keep hydrating beverages around at all times.

#2. Make sure ostomy supplies never run low.

#3. Spoil her with lingerie and accessories made for ostomates.

#4. Happy wife, happy life.

#5. Refer to rule #4.

We’re so excited to see who’s going to tie the knot next year. Don’t forget to add us to your guest list.