The month of April is really inspiring because the weather is changing and things seem a bit more cheerful. We hope our blog will inspire you too. And now... time for April’s most popular posts.

1. Dear every cancer patient I ever took care of, I’m sorry, I didn’t get it

Linday Norris 960

"These are my thoughts… from both sides of the port." – Lindsay Norris

As an oncology nurse, she wrote a heartfelt letter to all of her patients after she received a diagnosis of stage 3c colorectal cancer. This post has reached millions all over the world on Lindsay's blog, Here Comes The Sun.

2. Five very good reasons why it's awesome to have an ileostomy

Leah Nikki 960x640

"It's my turn to spread the good word." – Leah Nikki

Leah had surgery in 2008 because of Crohn's disease. She's heard a lot of crazy things from people about ostomies, so this post was her way to clear things up and tell people that her life is awesome with an ileostomy.

3. 10 important things I’ve learned about being a new ostomate

"So much of my life has changed." – Alice Seymour

There is a lot Alice wished she'd known before having surgery to prepare herself for life with an ileostomy. To help others going through the same, she put together a list of ten things she's learned along the way.

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