We here at OC love every submission from our readers. But it's the end of another month and that means wrap-up time. Here are this month's three most popular posts.

1. The truth is I've only told a few people about the time I had an ostomy

Jenny Jones 960

"I always follow the rule of share what's comfortable." – Jenny Jones

One of the most difficult dilemmas people face after ostomy surgery is who to tell and when to tell them, especially with new relationships. While others might be open, Jenny only told a handful of people she had a temporary ileostomy. Bottom line, she says: do what you feel is best.

2. I don’t have an ostomy story that ends with me getting better and living my best life

Woman drinking coffee and swearing

"Reflections on two years of pooping out of my stomach." – Violet Kuchar

When Violet was told she had terminal cancer, it was a lot to process. There was chemotherapy, then ostomy surgery, then how to cope. She found support online at Colontown, but more importantly, Violet has lived longer than expected. Her feelings are honest, raw, and real.

3. Coping mentally with an ostomy means different things to different people

“Mental health is about wellness rather than illness.” – Amy Robson

Being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 7-years-old has impacted Amy's life in many ways. In this post, she talks about her struggle looking after physical health, which in turn has impacted her mental health.

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