Another autumn month has come to an end. It's time again to round up our three most read post submissions in October.

1. Not everyone wants to be 100 percent open about their “hidden" disability

"I have pyoderma gangrenosum. Don’t Google it." – Claire Webber 

Claire is a professional standup comedian in Seattle, Washington. In this post, she writes about living with pyoderma gangrenosum and tips on how to talk about it around people you know... with humor. Her title should really be, Laughter Therapist.

2. I had just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, yet the hardest thing to deal with was my colostomy

hospital window with curtains and plant on sil

"A year has passed since the emergency surgery." – Susan Lisovicz 

Susan is best known for her business journalism on TV. In 2017, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, then had a bowel obstruction, followed by colostomy surgery. Needless to say, she was totally overwhelmed. This post is an honest account of how she felt.

3. Trust me, I am aware of the bag being there 24/7 and if shows every now and then, so be it

grayscale photography of African man jumping near building

"That’s my bag baby!"

An ostomate from the Stoma Support Club of Namibia Africa wrote about how he had a new lease on life after ostomy surgery. Some people might feel a bit self-conscious if their pouch is showing but he says, "If it shows every now and then, so be it."

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