If you have not seen these awesome Halloween costumes, you're missing out. Truly. Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to those three favorite blog posts for October.

1. If I can make a difference by sharing my story, I’m certainly not going to be quiet about it

"Olly and I have got plenty to say about our new normal." – Molly Atwater

Molly has connected with many 20-somethings living with an ostomy, but she couldn’t relate to them because they didn't have her story, so she started an Instagram account to journal her experiences. Why? She says that helping others who are struggling to accept their ostomy keeps her going. Kudos, Molly!

2. Life-altering surgery hasn't stopped me from traveling the world alone, twice

"I realised the only thing I needed to change was absolutely everything." – Catriona Smith

Catriona worked in the fashion industry for 25 years in London before quitting her job and traveling the world, solo, twice. So, she made a bold decision to sell her house and do what she loves. In this blog, she shares how she made it possible with an ileostomy.

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