Ah September, it's like we hardly knew you. Before we say goodbye, let's enjoy a look back at our three most popular post of the month. 

1. After all the times I've pooped my pants, I was so ready to have an ostomy

Lindsay Norris sitting on the beach

"I practically skipped into surgery." – Lindsay Norris

When Lindsay was diagnosed with stage 3b colorectal cancer, the radiation treatment she received targeted the tumor, but she had a lot of muscle damage in leaving it difficult to control bowel movements. She was so ready an ileostomy to be able to fully live again.

2. I used to worry what others thought of my stoma but now I share it with the world

Tom Underwood 1200

"Don’t let an ostomy hold you back!" – Tom Underwood

Tom was mostly worried about people’s perception of his body after he had surgery, so he decided not to tell anyone. But by sharing my story, Tom realized that he can offer support to others who are worried about living with an ostomy.

3. Even if you're labeled “medically refractory” don't give up the fight

Young Man leaning against wall crossed arms

"The hardest part of chronic illness is staying hopeful." – Stephen Holman

Being so sick for years to having multiple surgeries to achieving remission from Crohn's disease, Stephen can relate to people who are suffering from “medically refractory” conditions. He message is to stay hopeful in your journey.

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