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What Ostomates Of Instagram Are Up To: Baby, Baby, Baby

A real spring “shower.”
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We love this time of year—everything is new and life is beginning!

Have a look at three ostomy-mommies on Instagram sharing baby bump photos to celebrate pregnancy and their newest family members.  

Unconditional Baby Love

A picture-perfect moment for first-time mom, Amber Daniell, in the last few weeks of pregnancy before her baby boy arrives April 26. From fitness competitions to modeling, you've been an inspiration to us all and you're going to be an amazing mom!

Unbelievable Miracle Baby

Keitha went through two bowel obstructions and three hospital visits in the past few months, but guess what? She’s here!! See the pictures of sweet little Emelia Rosemary Young on @thepeacefulseed. To say you are a miracle baby is an understatement!

Unexpected Baby Arrival

Becca was diagnosed with preeclampsia and was hoping to make it to 36 weeks before delivering her daughter, but the condition worsened and she was induced on March 31 at 34 weeks and 3 days. Thankfully baby Sadie is healthy! Follow along on @ibdandme.

The fact that you've survived illness and endured ostomy surgery speaks volumes about your strength and resilience... and that's just the kind of moms you're set out to be. Our heartiest congratulations to each of you!

We'll end with a public service reminder: Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13. :)

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