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Only Hannah Witton could make ostomy surgery sound so delightful

Many ostomates can relate to her latest tweets.

YouTube star Hannah Witton has made a name for herself broaching sensitive subjects and using her personal experiences to connect with her audience. So when she underwent an ileostomy operation following a decade-long battle with ulcerative colitis flare-ups, she took her 800,000+ followers along for the journey. 

After spending years talking candidly about her hormones, birth control, sexuality, and other subjects often considered “taboo,” opening up about her ileostomy surgery just seemed natural. Through her YouTube videos, she has raised awareness while being an inspiration to not just fellow ostomates but anyone dealing with body image issues. As Hannah says, “Whatever story your body might tell, it can still be beautiful and sexy and you can still claim [it] as your own.”

Metro UK wrote, “Hannah’s willingness to talk honestly about the condition, and her normalising the use of stoma bags amongst young people, has been hugely praised by viewers who relate to her difficult experience.” Shout out to Metro UK, and writers like Hannah and Hattie Gladwell, for publishing articles over the past two years talking about the realities of living with an ostomy.

Can anyone relate to these tweets?

Hannah spent four weeks in the hospital. Here's what happened...

Thanks Hannah, for being so open with your life. Talking about your stoma bag is important and inspirational for so many reasons. It helps take some of the fear and mystery out of this for anyone else going through it.