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Why cancer patients understand the true meaning of life

How do you find the silver lining?

For all of the crap us cancer people go through, there is some serious silver lining in the whole deal. A blessing, if you will. Or perhaps, a curse?

In one of my comics, I share what must look like utter madness to most people. The idea of being blasted with so many different emotions must seem like a kind of hell. And well, sometimes it is.

But sometimes...

Well, let me put it this way. My therapist shared with me that all human beings, from birth to death, live through a wide spectrum of experiences and all the emotions that come with them. But people facing chronic or life-threatening illnesses experience an entire lifespan worth of these emotions in a much smaller window.

This means that those who stare death in the face, the way cancer patients do, are given a sort of foresight into a perspective that is normally only granted to those of old age who look back on an entire lifetime of experience.

So young adults who are faced with the very real reality of our lives coming to an end much sooner than planned are given the previous revelation that so many yearn to acquire — the knowledge on how to truly live life without regret at the end of it. 

That's right, I'm saying that we cancer patients learn the true meaning of life... or at least get a real taste of it.

So yeah, we can be basket-cases sometimes... passionate one moment and a blubbering mess the next. But that's because we're hit all at once with the kind of perspectives that takes a normal human being a lifetime to achieve, if they're lucky.

So yeah, we're kind of awesome like that. Now excuse me while I laugh/cry myself to sleep.

Cancer Owl - hard as hell

Article credit: Cancer Owl