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We need you write now.

We want to help people living with an ostomy feel more connected. Through personal experience, or a family member or friend, this subject touches all of us. Talking about it reminds us that we are not alone. Join us by posting your own story, experiences and thoughts. Because bringing about change happens through the power of your voice.

Here’s what you can do to get started: 

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  3. Pitch your ideas! We can all share what we know through our life experiences, and that’s incredibly valuable. Just about anything related to ostomies is great. Write us at: info@ostomyconnection.com.
  4. Artists and illustrators who want to share their creations are also welcome. To submit your artwork use the same email as above.
  5. If including photos, you must own the rights to them and they must be high-resolution images at least 1280 pixels wide in PNG format.

Thank you for contributing to OstomyConnection. YOU are the reason this community is as caring, important and incredible as it is.

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