Since launching OC in 2015, our intention has been to bring ostomates into the media and make a social impact in the world. Initiating positive change and making a difference are two principles we work hard to achieve every day.

In 2017, the founder of OC started a national ostomy supply donation initiative called Kindred Box. With help from businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals, we're raising funds to assist those in need because every day in the United States someone with an ostomy goes without supplies.

"I have baggies and a little tape. I guess that's how it'll have to be done until my insurance gets figured out. Depression is hitting me hard." — Jessica

It's all part of our commitment to pay-it-forward. Kindred Box would not exist if it weren’t for hundreds of generous people who selflessly gave their own ostomy supplies to help others. Each and every person who made a donation wanted nothing in return except to pay-it-forward. Together, we are the solution.

“The colostomy supplies we received were so needed to recover what was lost from Hurricane Harvey. It gave us peace of mind. One less thing to worry about while we were trying to rebuild our lives and continue with my father's cancer treatment. We truly appreciate your help in our greatest time of need.” — Pia

Your donations are making a difference. Donate to Kindred Box.