When OC first launched, we had a very strong point of view about our place in the media. The niche brand we're creating, it's all very deliberate. But, frankly, the social mission is what drives us. It's what gets us up in the morning. And for our amazing editorial team and contributors, we lead with a purpose.

To date, we've published well over five hundred articles covering stories from seven countries and have reached nearly half a million readers all over the world. That's something we are super proud of. Our goal has always been to demonstrate that specialized journalism provides exceptional value, and that inspirational stories do good in the world.

The "Founders Project" was created to recognize those who have contributed to OC, ensuring we'll be around for the next generation of ostomates. There are so many more stories we want to tell, and so much more we want to do for you. For as little as $1 you can support our work.


Brenda Elsagher, "Keep up the good work."

Russell Elleven, "In appreciation."

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Dr. Richard Rood, "Wonderful site."

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