Celebrating people in our community doing extraordinary things.

People have an ostomy for lots of different reasons, and they all have a story to tell — why they had life-saving surgery, what’s possible and how it has changed their lives. We think that’s something worth sharing. 

#OstomyConnectUs is a campaign that celebrates people with an ostomy doing extraordinary things and using their story to strengthen our community. They motivate all of us to get involved. They inspire all of us to create change. We're here to ensure their voices are heard because we believe what ostomates say and how they feel matters.

So, what's your story?

Here are some helpful guidelines:

  • What do you want to share about yourself? e.g. age, where you live, hobbies, career.
  • What was the illness you faced?
  • Which procedure did you have? e.g. ileostomy, J-pouch, urostomy, etc.
  • How did an ostomy make you feel, pre and post-surgery?
  • What did the illness/ostomy teach you? What hope can you give to others?

Send us your story here. You can also share your thoughts and personal experience by becoming a contributor. If you're a freelance writer, ask about joining our awesome editorial team.

Thousands of incredible people from around the world come here each month for insight and inspiration — your story could be the breakthrough they need. Thank you for connecting!

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