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We're flattered you'd like to share our articles — thank you! Here are just a few requests when it comes to how the content on OC should be shared.

Social Sharing

Copy and paste the URL of any article, anytime. No permission is necessary. If you want this to catch our attention, use the hashtag #OstomyConnection.

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Republish articles using a short summary.

If you want to republish an article on your own website or blog, you may include only parts of our story but not the entire piece. A good rule of thumb is the first paragraph or up to 150 words. Here's an example of how we curate articles in the media and include a link to the full story at the end.

We allow some print publications to repurpose full articles for a fee, however, modifying the content in any manner is not allowed under any circumstances. Please adhere to the "Content Attribution Policy" below and contact us for approval.

Images and Infographics

All images, graphics, and artwork on OC have copyright protection. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

Content Attribution Policy

For summaries or newsletters, please use the following guidelines:

  • Refer to OstomyConnection as the original source at the top of the article with the following attribution:

This article was originally published on and is reprinted with permission.

  • Always list the author's full name with the following attribution:

Written by (author's full name)

  • Refer to OC at the end of the summary with the following attribution:

Read the full story on (insert URL here).

If you have any questions about our sharing and republishing guidelines, please send an email to