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Not too long ago, the world wasn’t ready to hear about ostomies. It was known as the “secret surgery” because many who had an ostomy didn't want others to know. Nowadays, more and more people are talking openly about living with an illness or injury and how ostomy surgery saved their life. The movement is growing and we're part of it.

We're proud to be part of an expanding media industry that gives the ostomy community a voice. Our editorial team consists of independent writers, and creating great content takes time, hard work, and money to produce. But we do it because we believe what ostomates say and how they feel matters. 

Our role in niche journalism has never been more important. If OC has touched your life, and you believe in our work, please make a contribution today. For as little as $1 you can support our publication — it only takes a minute. Thank you!


Our commitment to advocacy is an important part of our work. We've joined forces with non-profits, support groups, and foundations from around the world to make ostomy awareness as impactful as possible.

Philanthropy is a powerful call to action that connects people and creates a more inspired world. We're supporting ostomates because every day in this country someone goes without ostomy supplies. Donate to Kindred Box.

We envision the ostomy community as a global thriving and empowered group. It's because of generous supporters like you that we're truly making a difference.